Equity Investment

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  • You will learn about financial markets and intermediaries, trading positions, placement and processing of orders, primary vs secondary markets, and the characteristics of a well-functioning market.
  • You will learn how to calculate the price return and total return of an index, how indexes are constructed and managed, use of market indexes, and the various types of indexes.
  • You will learn the definitions of market efficiency, the efficient market hypothesis, what are market anomalies and examples of them, and be introduced to behavioural finance.
  • You will learn the risk and return characteristics for equities, the differences between public vs private equity, and the relationship between cost of equity and investors’ required rate of return.
  • You will learn the approaches to industry classification, competitive analysis of an industry, Porter’s Five Forces, and the be introduced to company analysis.
  • You will learn the 3 major categories of valuation model. Present value models, in particular, the Gordon Growth Model. Multiplier models using P/E ratio and EV/EBITDA, and asset-based modes.

Course Content

Total learning: 9 lessons Time: 1000 weeks


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